Note: This website and project are under development and not in actual use 8/8/2022.
Stick to the Subject:   civil public discussion of the important public policy issues of the times
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Proposed: a Rogue Valley in-person discussion society combined with an online, regional knowledge base

The Rogue Valley Discussion Society
the human arts to study, discuss, vote
The Knowledge Base
the technical crafts to collect, store, report
The Stick to the Subject project invites Rogue Valley residents from all backgrounds and points of view to create the Discussion Society: a network of small conversation groups that would meet in public locations to study and debate important public policy issues.
What are your concerns? What are your ideas?

What Stick To The Subject Is How It Would Work
How It Would Get Started How To Participate
Stick to the Subject is a network of Conversation Sit-downs/After Parties held at public locations throughout the Rogue Valley connected and supported by the Knowledge Base.
The Knowledge Base is a browsable and searchable online relational database that stores information on subjects related to the Society, Economy, Culture, and State of the Rogue Valley.

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