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Not a democracy but a federal republic, the United States of America nevertheless uses the democratic process to elect citizen-representatives and officials to public office, where they become free agents. After voting, the citizen has no control over the elected official and no influence other than protest or persuasion.

Proposed is a regional knowledge sharing program wherein people can enjoin their concerns and ideas on matters of common interest in an open-minded, measured, respectful, and focused manner.

It would use live discussion events, both ad hoc and planned, combined with an online knowledge base to collect and organize information and points of view on regionally important topics.

Program Features:
  • The program would report concerns and harvest ideas. Doing so mostly through live discussion would be its primary mission.
  • There would be no online interaction among program participants. There would be no chat rooms or discussion forums nor links to social media.
  • All ideas are heard, and all ideas are challenged.
  • The program uses ranked voting from registered members to assess submissions.
  • Anonymity/objectivity is balanced with accountability. Voting on ideas is anonymous. Ideas are considered objectively using identity masking. For accountability, however, material or point of view reported out by the program is attached to the real names of contributors.
  • The program works in both the non-political and political realms, seeking minimum overlap. The political aspects of a topic are involved only at the end and are restricted to reporting candidate and party positions on that topic.

proposed: an online, regional knowledge base combined with a live discussion society for positive civic discourse
What are the concerns?
Regional Knowledge Base   Details
Society Economy Culture State
Social Problems
Economic Indicators
Economic Systems
Land and Natural Resources
Public Finance & Taxation
Religion and Beliefs
Theatre and Art
Jackson County Government
Oregon State Government
Tribal Governments in the U.S.
U.S. Federal Government

 - Diabetes 
     - Treatment 
          - Drugs 
               - Insulin 
Costs and Financing 
 - Insurance 

How to participate
Source Materials documents, databases, wesite links, and audio/video
The Problem Of
  • a subject of study, discussion, debate, and voting.
  • Questions posed here are formally debated by study teams whose arguments are voted on by the membership using ranked voting. All arguments are reported out in the same way the Supreme Court issues majority and minority opinions.
  • The questions should be specific to a particular concern, such as "The High Cost of Insulin", but involve a complex analysis. The more background information the responses require, the better enriched is the knowledge base.
  • The questions should be live discussion friendly. There should be nuance enough for spin off conversations. They should be capable of being discussed without great technical detail.
Government Connections identification of the federal, tribal, state, county, and municipal connections to a topic
What are the ideas?
Live Discussion Society   Details