This project and website are under development. Updated 2/18/2020
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The Stick to the Subject Project
  • Stick's purpose is to bring local people of different backgrounds and points of view out to comfortable public locations to engage in reasoned, impersonal, open minded, respectful, non-political, and focused civic debate on topics related to the region's economy, society, culture, and government, using the principles of deliberative democracy.  Why?

  • The project's goals are:
    • To foment and support the in-person discussion of public policy matters by local citizens as a means of promoting mutual understanding and common purpose.
    • To create an online, regional knowledge base organized by the societal, cultural, economic, and governmental topics to be studied, discussed, and debated by a live discussion society.
    • To collect, organize, compile, and report the concerns and ideas of the electorate on public policy matters and to juxtapose those results with actual governmental policies and practices as well as the positions of candidates and policy makers.
    • To increase public confidence and support for academic, governmental, and cultural institutions through a public demonstration of their contributions to the common good.