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What This Is
Stick to the Subject is an index of links to web sites, streaming video, on-line documents, RSS feeds, and off-line material guides related to the economy, the society, the culture, science, and the State (government) of the U.S. It is comprised of hierarchical tree menus of related topics, each with six descending levels of subtopics of finer and finer specificity.
There is no original material in the index. All content exists off the Stick to the Subject website and is only linked to it.The arrangement of the topics and the selection of the linked content is presented "as is".
The material linked to the index will be sourced and reported using academic standards and, whenever possible, obtained from institutions of higher education and other public sources, including municipal, county, state, tribal, and federal government. Citations will be reported using a modified MLA format.
This project is unaffiliated with institutions, businesses, governments, political parties, or organizations of any kind. No advertising or reciprocal linking will appear.
Questions and suggestions can be directed to this email address: